As I write this, I’m at the end of THREE weeks of this crazy respiratory ‘something’ that has been messing with too many of us.  I keep thinking I have finally kicked it…but then it resurfaces.  I RARELY get anything, but this one took me by surprise, swept me off my feet and somehow must believe that we are ‘destined for each other.’

NOT the kind of relationship this girl is interested in!

So here it is LOVE MONTH…and I am NOT feeling the love!  SO not like me.

I have kept up with (most) of my commitments, have cancelled what I could…but mainly I’ve been lying in my bed or couch whenever possible.

I’ve simply surrendered to the love my body is requiring of me right now, since this is what seems to be most needed.

And so this is how I am celebrating love month….filling up my own ‘love tank.’

What about you?

Are you feeling LOVED?

So many of us are great at GIVING love….but I also find that so many of us are not as good RECEIVING.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with moments where you feel loved, valued and appreciated.

I actually wish that for each and every day.

Yet, are you someone that is possibly feeling a little love deprived?

And, regardless, since a little extra can’t hurt….for this Valentine’s Day…..even though I’m not feeling my absolute best….I still have a huge well of love to share….

And I’m sending it to YOU!

Take a deep breath….and please RECEIVE my love gift to you!

Hope you are having a most special Valentine’s Day!