The Miraculous Living Method Certification Program:

Never before is there an easier, faster and more effective way to move your clients to achieve their desired results.

The Miraculous Living Method was first ‘received’ by Wendy while recovering from a serious accident. Over the years she has been able to refine and now duplicate this extraordinary gift she received from the heavens.

Now YOU can achieve easier and faster results for yourself and your clients.

What will it be like, knowing you can offer something both unique and transformational, increasing your abilities to assist your clients to achieve their results even easier and faster?

But are there also times that you feel frustrated with the progress your clients are getting? Either they keep hitting a block, or keep spinning their wheels, or simply taking too long?

If that is something that concerns you, the Miraculous Living Method may be your best solution.

And now I want to off YOU the opportunity for YOU to get better results in your business and have your clients achieve their results in an easier and faster way.

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The Benefits of The Miraculous Living Method Certification Program:


    The Miraculous Living Method provides a system where you can immediately identify where you need to focus with your client. The system also provides you with a way to find the ‘root of the root’ cause, which is creating the interference from your client to achieve their deepest desires and results. And, you and your client do not need to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is happening, interfering or even what needs to be different. The system does the work for you.


    What sets this methodology apart from other processes? This is a 5 part process that takes your client from identifying their desires to actually begin experiencing them.

    Magic Wand Time – Create the Desired Design For Their Life

    Discover Buried Gold – This is where you begin removing the current interference, unleashing their intuition and allowing their authentic self to emerge

    Determine Their Entry Point – a 10 category system that identifies where your client needs to focus first. This alone, is very unique and transformative.

    Miraculous Living Method: You will be provided with the tools to allow your clients to release past hurts/emotions; inaccurate beliefs creating the interference; and clearing up their heart and energy system. Your client will begin experiencing a new sense of happiness, hope and freedom.

    Brain Training – This definitely sets us apart from many processes. If the brain is not trained to be thinking in alignment with your clients’ desired results, there is a risk that they can regress and return to their default way of previously thinking and acting. The Brain Training creates new thoughts and beliefs that are in alignment with your clients’ desired results. The Miraculous Living Method actually assists you to identify what those statements are, how they are to be used, and for how long.

    Your client is going to be happy to experience their results. The Miraculous Living Method makes change so much easier…and faster.


    Your clients will get easier and faster results. This is going to be a great add-on to your current practice. This takes your coaching to a whole new level!


    You are able to identify what’s missing or holding your client back, allowing them to be more authentic and articulate, allo