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Wendy Darling is an accomplished speaker, bringing out the innate wisdom and leader within.  Wendy will challenge your audience in a fresh, innovative manner, inspiring them to reach higher levels of achievement and success.

Wendy’s professionalism and flexibility allow her to customize a topic to meet and fulfill the needs of your meeting or conference.  Wendy has designed and presented over 50 presentation topics to more than 150,000 people.


The Most Sought After Topics Today For Adults:

LIVE  LOVE  LEAD:  The NEW Formula for Ultimate Success and Fulfillment

When you lead from within, utilizing your authentic gifts and talents, you are loading yourself for ultimate success!

Are you yearning to experience ultimate success?  Would you be interested in leveraging that success in an easier, more authentic way?  We’ll examine the 7 actions you can take as a leader, utilizing your authentic qualities, so that you be both powerfully successful while still allowing the real you to emerge.

  • Leading from a place of authenticity, the needed change for ultimate success
  • How ultimate success is dependent of the quality of your relationships (developing your RQ)
  • How to identify your ‘entry point,’ where to focus first, influencing the other steps you take
  • The 7 actions to focus on to get your greatest results (for your business blueprint) for increased influence, impact and income

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TEAM: Increase Your ROI Through Team Collaboration

Emphasis within the organization is typically placed on structure, strategy, process and profits – all of which are important. However, the KEY to success lies in the quality of relationships within the organization.

What kind of environment have your created to maximize your organization’s RQ (Relationship Quotient)? The perfect recipe for creating a successful, profitable company lives within the collaborative efforts within your organization. Learning to nurture the existing genius within each member of your team makes a dramatic difference in the quality of your results. During this interactive presentation participants will learn:

  • The meaning and value of RQ and how to raise the RQ levels within your teams and organization
  • The advantages and disadvantages of collaborative efforts
  • How to create an environment where team members are invested in achieving corporate goals
  • How to steer the team toward innovation and increased productivity
  • Strategies for problem-solving, handling differences of opinions and conflicts

Topics For Students:

  • THE MIRACLE OF YOUR CAREER  – From College To Your Brilliant Future
  • THE MIRACLE THAT IS YOUR LIFE – 7 Keys To Your Health, Wealth and Happiness
  • THE MIRACLE OF OPTIMAL HEALTH – How To Maximize Your Health and Happiness

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