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THE HOLE IN YOUR HEART Lately, it seems I am speaking to more and more women that are feeling like something is missing.  Some of these women, at least from the outside, should be happy.  They have successful careers.  Some have awesome spouses and kids.  Even they acknowledge that they should be filled with gratitude. [...]

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ReIgnite The Flame

RE-IGNITE THE FLAME! If you know anything about me, you know that I am ALL about love.  I believe that love is at the core of everything:  your health, your wealth, and obviously your love life. And I believe that your intimate relationship is what matters, second to the intimate relationship that you have with [...]

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I Won Big… Now You Can Too!

I WON BIG…NOW YOU CAN TOO! A couple of weeks ago I attended a beautiful, luxurious brunch, hosted by Terese Santos.  There was a raffle (6 tickets for $100)….and I WON!  The first drawing was for a beautiful necklace (worth $600).  I was THRILLED to have won this!  The second drawing was for a second [...]

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Want To Leverage Your Results and Success?

Would you be interested in discovering a way to better leverage your actions, achieving your results with greater ease and speed?  I’m going to share an opportunity for you to discover what a key stepping stone may be for you, different than what you may expect.  I’ll get to that in a minute! I’ve had [...]

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Perfect Just The Way You Are

I just returned from LA, speaking at the Santa Monica chapter of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women).  Getting to share ways to help business owners, executives and their teams to be more productive, profitable…and FULFILLED in life makes my heart sing. I love how my ideas, as well as my Miraculous Living Method is [...]

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We All Need To Be Loved 

As I write this, I’m at the end of THREE weeks of this crazy respiratory ‘something’ that has been messing with too many of us.  I keep thinking I have finally kicked it…but then it resurfaces.  I RARELY get anything, but this one took me by surprise, swept me off my feet and somehow must [...]

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Leading With Girl Power

As I write this, I’m in the middle of Youth Success Week right here in Oceanside, CA.  I became involved with this initiative a few short months ago, but it is right in alignment with my passion of empowering our youth.  There is a core group of volunteers that are AWESOME and this week is [...]

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2017: Your Year Of Faith, Trust and Miraculous Living

2017:  Your Year Of Faith, Trust and Miraculous Living I hope you are feeling the uplifting energy of this new year!  For many of us, 2016 was an ‘interesting’ year.  Some people I know had some life experiences that shook them to the core.  Some experienced loss.  For others, it was a time of deep [...]

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The Power of Perception

THE POWER OF PERCEPTION I was having a conversation with a couple of women at a meeting I recently attended.  We were speaking about how we influence our circumstances by how we PERCEIVE a situation. Let me give you an example. MANY years ago, when I was single, I met a man at a conference.  [...]

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The Miracle of LOVE

The Miracle Of LOVE I believe in the miracles of life.  I believe that each and every day, if we pay attention, we will notice that we are experiencing miracles all the time.  Maybe there is a tendency to discount them, because they are more on the ‘ordinary’ side of things. A chance meeting; an [...]