As I write this, I’m in the middle of Youth Success Week right here in Oceanside, CA.  I became involved with this initiative a few short months ago, but it is right in alignment with my passion of empowering our youth.  There is a core group of volunteers that are AWESOME and this week is actually being spent with the kids.

To hear what their dreams are, their hurdles and heartaches, how we are supporting them in either turning that around in their lives and how to move forward, has touched my heart, inspired, nourished and encouraged me.  We have SO much more to do, but little by little, more people are getting involved.  As we pull together, we can make a bigger impact. (In case you are not aware, over 30% of high school students in our country are NOT graduating from high school.  Obviously something is missing for them and we have a BIG problem!).  But we’re doing our part to give our youth a voice, some life skills and direction for them to be better prepared for a healthy, happy and productive life.

And THAT is what I want for YOU!  The world needs what YOU have to offer!  And ONLY you can offer it, since there is only one YOU.  There is no better time to be a woman in business, there is no better time to be a woman leader, and there has never been a MORE IMPORTANT time for you to step up and step out.

I’ve been invited to be a guest on Tonya Hoffman’s (free) webinar.  Tonya is a marketing expert and also the founder of the Public Speaker’s Association.  I’m going to be speaking about YOUR VERY OWN GIRL POWER SECRET WEAPON.

Many of you already know that I’ve worked with a variety of organizations for many years, helping to develop their leaders and teams (increasing productivity and profits).  You also know that I’ve worked with thousands of women, assisting them to fully embrace their gifts and talents, be nourished in love, open their abilities to RECEIVE (a weak link for a lot of women)….and have even GREATER results.  Health, wealth and happiness.

And I don’t want you to just be chasing dollars….I want you to be having a FULFILLING life in ALL areas!

This is for you if:

  • You’ve been working hard and it feels like the wind is going out of your sails
  • You have accomplished much, but are feeling somewhat empty inside
  • Your love life is either nonexistent or suffering
  • You yearn for more meaning in your life
  • You find yourself saying…’there has to be a better way’!


So how are you doing?  Do you feel you are well positioned for an AWESOME 2017?  Would you like to see if there is a better or easier way for you to position yourself?  Do you feel like only part of your life is working?  Or even worse, that something is missing?

Whatever your situation, I hope you will join me:


Your Very Own ‘Girl Power Secret Weapon’
To Get Your BEST 2017 Results NOW


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I truly want 2017 to be your BEST year EVER.   And there may be some things I will cover that will make it easier for you to achieve!