Lately, it seems I am speaking to more and more women that are feeling like something is missing.  Some of these women, at least from the outside, should be happy.  They have successful careers.  Some have awesome spouses and kids.  Even they acknowledge that they should be filled with gratitude.

Yet, something feels off for them. 

Is this possibly sounding familiar to you?

I find that too many women today have created a life according to how society has dictated.  Too many of us began chasing our careers, chasing the dollars of success, only to wake up feeling exhausted and wondering what to do different.

I think these are simply symptoms, a ‘call from your soul’ to find easier and more authentic ways of living your life.

The good news is that women have amazing gifts and talents to lead the world in your own unique way.

I believe the reason so many women are exhausted or feel there is a missing, a hole in their heart, is that they have not been honoring their authentic self, their authentic voice, and their authentic expression.

Now I am not suggesting that you quit your job…or quit life.  But I think that this is an opportunity to take a step back and look at what could shift that would allow you to nourish yourself, the relationships in your life, so that you are contributing in your career in a gentler and more productive way.

The Dali Lama proclaimed that it would be the Western woman that would heal the world.  I believe its time for us to step up and step out.  I know that there is more focus embracing and utilizing more of what is stereotypically categorized as more feminine.  I’m one of those people.

However, I want to take it a step further.  What I’m really wanting you to embrace is your AUTHENTICITY.  Even though the feminine qualities of intuition, team building and collaboration are considered more ‘feminine’ qualities, the word feminine may have too much of a ‘charge’ for it to be effective.

What do you think?  What do you think of the word ‘feminine’? How do you feel about your own life and the way you are living?  What do you think could help make our lives and our world a better place?

And, even more important….what are YOU doing to contribute?

I hope your heart feels WHOLE….and you are able to listen to the true calling it speaks.