A couple of weeks ago I attended a beautiful, luxurious brunch, hosted by Terese Santos.  There was a raffle (6 tickets for $100)….and I WON!  The first drawing was for a beautiful necklace (worth $600).  I was THRILLED to have won this!  The second drawing was for a second necklace…and I won AGAIN! When this happened I remember feeling ‘over the moon’ with happiness.  Then there was the third drawing…and I did not even hear what they were raffling, since I was swooning from winning these two necklaces.  And, once again, I hear my raffle ticket number called out!

And here comes a woman carrying a HUGE gift basket, that included a beautiful bathrobe, a 3 piece towel set, some high end skin care products (You Lab), a decorative pillow, and much more!  I have to admit, by this time, I felt a little self-conscious, although still delighted, to have won all these beautiful gifts.  I must admit, I was equally delighted, and a bit relieved, that others were winning the other raffle prizes.

That said, I was SO filled with love and the gratitude of receiving, that I think I floated home.  And I’m still basking in the experience of it, as I share this with you.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I believe, in my hearts of hearts, that this represents how easy it can be to ATTRACT all that you are wanting to experience in your life.  I TRULY believe in the magic and miracles of life.  I believe that our desires are already ours.  And I also know that we, unfortunately, do a really good job at separating ourselves from RECEIVING all that is available to each and every one of us.

In this example, I was feeling happiness and a lot of love for simply being with all these wonderful women that were at the brunch.  I had NO attention on winning. However, I did take a breath (which I do on a regular basis) to position my self to connect who would be in my highest good and to be open to RECEIVE the gifts out of my conscious awareness.  Feeling LOVE, BEING love, taking a breath.  That was it.

So what is a person to do?

Well, the first is to practice being in a space of LOVE.  When you spend a little time getting quiet, getting into your body and practicing calming your mind (the trickier of the three)…you are now in a better position to RECEIVE.  You are more open to receive guidance of your next step…and all the wonderful synchronicities and miracles that are right there in front of you, waiting to be RECEIVED!

So I want to pay this forward!

I have never done this before…but for the first 3 people that email me (wendy@wendydarling.com) I’m going to offer you a Miraculous Living session with me for only $97!! (my regular price is $397 for this kind of session).

  • We’ll look at what you are wanting to experience and receive.  
  • I’ll find what is interfering.  
  • We’ll immediately SHIFT that.  
  • I will teach you the Miraculous Living Method.  You will receive guidance on how to strengthen your mind and heart to be in alignment with your desire.
  • Then, an added bonus, I will give you the Miraculous Living Method to use ON YOUR OWN!

I’ve cracked the code and I want YOU to be giggling with joy at all the wonderful experiences you are having each and every day.

And the Miraculous Living Method…can definitely help you get there.

So I hope to hear from you!!  (I’m only offering THREE at this rate!)

Ready, set….GO!!

Enjoy your day!